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 Operation Humanity Transcending Part 1
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The Book and DNA

The Book Operation Humanity Transcending Pt. 1 by Siobhan
This literary veil lifter helps one unplug from the artificial consensus reality that many of us have been taught and adopted in part or in full, along the way.
 What was written between 2008 and 2009 is now becoming self evident for all to see as the falsehoods of the consensus realities we've downloaded to our conscious and subconscious minds make themselves apparent.

Truths are bubbling to the surface, bursting into the individual life and the collective. These are times of radical and rapid awakening on so many levels of our being. 

We have the opportunity to unbind ourselves from the invisible chains we've found ourselves bound to. 

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 Operation Humanity Transcending Part 1.

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Siobhan-Erica: Ciresi aka Humanity Transcending
Born into a world where we've been deliberately and continuously coddled into a deep sleep, we finally awaken to recognize the fallacy of the many institutions and paradigms we unquestioningly live by. The hidden dimensions of power and structure of the hierarchy on this planet are rising to the surface for all to see, as are their corresponding agendas. We are opening our eyes up to levels of truth that shake us to the core yet summon forth in so many, the freedom seeker that is in the heart of the Human Being.

We are peeling back the layers of our astounding hidden history and discovering the roots of our deeper origins. We are simultaneously facing social, economic, and political change on a massive scale WORLDWIDE that is revealed to not be happening by chance; this change will have an equally massive impact on us individually and as communities. Even more important, we are waking up to and embracing the miracle of ourselves, each-other and what we are capable of. Science reveals fascinating new discoveries about the human brain, the body mind connection and the direct influence we have not only on our bodies but also our environments.

Many of these same discoveries were known and recorded by our ancestors that walked, lived, and breathed this planet just like we do now. Thousands and thousands of years before our present day civilization, lived ancient civilizations who's buildings and structures were and still are far superior to our own and who's teachings and knowing's are being validated by our own science more and more. There is MUCH to learn from our ancient relatives. The fact is that in opening up to new levels of thinking, being, and living we alter what we see and what we experience. So who will we be in the face of all this transition? Who can we turn to for answers? It is time we begin to turn to ourselves and each-other for answers. To look inside and make the changes within our own being that we know we need to make, that we want to make--then reach out, connect and share that transformation with the world. We are the ones we've been waiting for...Welcome to OPERATION HUMANITY TRANSCENDING.
"A clear and brilliant summary of many topics that have circulated in part for several years, brought together and explained in understandable detail, giving the reader a more realistic understanding of our current position in the international plan, written by a woman of insight and courage." Submitted by Richard Deininger July 6, 2012

"Operation Humanity Transcending Part I should be a requirement for every citizen of the world to read. It whittles away the layers of deceit and charade that we have absorbed as truth. It takes the reader on a journey where there is no turning back. Your mind will be opened to the true reality of the world we live in and who is really in charge. As more people become aware of the injustices around them and begin to question, they need seek no further as the answers are found in this book. The language flows and the concepts are explained in flowing detail. This book contains the education that we should have all received in grade school and as you proceed through the chapters, the world around you begins to finally make sense. I eagerly await Part II." Submitted by Cindy Pikoulas, April 8, 2011